275 Airport Drive
Camden, TN 38320



Link: Airport Page

Manager: Jimmy Troutt                                                                                        

Airport FAA Identifier: 0M4

Elevation: 468 ft. asl

Benton County Airport is a fully staffed airport opened to the public. There are approximately forty aircraft based at our airport with an aircraft operation average of 70+ hours each week.  Located just three miles south of Camden, TN, it provides a variety of services to meet your business and recreational needs. Runway 04/22 is a 5001 x 75 ft. asphalt surface kept in excellent condition and offers instrument approach procedures (IAPs) for GPS/RNAV approaches using the Jackson flight service station (FSS).


  • Tuesday – Saturday 08:00am -04:00pm
  • Airport unattended on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and National holidays.
  • Runway open: year-round
  • Parking Apron and Tarmac is 350ft x 130ft (45,500) square feet.


The airport has JET-A and 100LL Aviation fuel available 24 hours a day. The apron has a self-service portal and offers attendant fuel service during regular business hours.  Current fuel prices along with airport navigational specifications can be located at Parking is available by tie-downs on request.


The airport is publicly owned by the Government of Benton County Tennessee and under the supervision of the County Mayor’s office.  The Airport has a public advisory board comprised of one county commissioner and four county citizens along with an airport manager. This board oversees aerial zoning hazards, operational control, and oversight, and advises the County Mayor on Policy and Guidance.


  • Tie-down parking (free)
  • No ramp fees
  • Courtesy Van
  • Rental Car delivery location
  • Pilot lounge (free water and coffee)
  • Flight training (local instructors)
  • Crop spraying
  • Jet A and 100LL AVGAS